About mikworks


Jack Nicholson from Portrait Icons

mikworks.com is a small portfolio and workshop by a freelance Web & interface designer Mikio Inose from Tochigi, Japan. The website stocks my work since 1997. Also, this site's design is the fifth generation for mikworks. I have created and worked on many projects over the past ten years. The work put on is this site with this redesign are only a portion of my total work.

Original Work

My original works were created for the improvement of my own expression. These original works are all freeware as long as they are not used for commercial purposes.

Client Work

I offer various design services. The client work category displays part of my past work. Please consider me if you need detailed work for your project.

  • - Web Design
  • - Web Graphic Design
  • - Icon Design
  • - Interface Design
  • - Illustration

Media Mentions

mikworks has been mentioned in many magazines and books since it's creation. These include but are not limited to: Mac Fan Internet (magazine/JP), MacPeople (magazine/JP), macHOME magazine (magazine/US), Yahoo! Internet Guide (magazine/JP), Web Color Inspiring Index (book/JP), spoon. (magazine/JP), etc.


The copyright to all icons, desktops, images and other all contents released by mikworks are held by Mikio Inose. Any unauthorized reproduction, redistribution, modification, selling or other similar acts, either in entirety or in part, of these images is forbidden by law.