Original work of mikworks

aidl [Idol]

An original codex of Mayan writing

"aidl" is a system icon set for Classic OS. These icons were created based on motifs of the world-view of the hieroglyphic characters and polytheism in Mesoamerican civilizations such as the Mayan and Aztec. They consist mainly of symbolic character icons comprising eigty nine icons and sixteen desktop patterns (see a preview).

It was a book called "Ancient Aztec Empire – Concurred Golden Nation" by Yoshiro Masuda, which I encountered by chance at an old bookstore, that inspired me to create the materials. As I continued to read related books, I became intrigued by the stunningly elaborative world-view and pictograms specific to Mesoamerican civilization and had the idea of using the concepts for the design of system icons. Mesoamerican civilization embraced polytheism based on nature worship, similar to Japanese Shinto, in which each deity symbolizes a certain category. The idea of "aidl" was to utilize the characteristics of the deities to assign roles to folders. A symbolic deity character which can be replaced for a certain usage can unify a folder, giving a certain characteristic to the folder. Twelve types of symbolic characters for the set, including outtake versions, were made.

Set Details
Requires: Mac OS Classic / Windows 9x
Release date: Sep-2001
License: Freeware
File sizes: 155KB / 271KB

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