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青海波 Seigaiha


"Sei-gai-ha (blue-ocean-waves)" is a natural pattern, imbricating half circles to resemble the shape of waves. Because the pattern was used for dance outfit of gagaku (Traditional court music) "Seigaiha," the pattern came to be called "Seigaiha pattern." There are several ways to pronounce the word, "Seigaiha," "Seikaiha," and "Seigainami."

"Gentlemen who stayed out all night and finished go-around on the Kichigai Kaido (Insane Street) and Nebore Kaido (Sleepy Street), look out over the clear front streets of a still-sleeping town on which brooms drew Seigaiha around gates and on which water is sprinkled…" Higuchi Ichiyo - Takekurabe (1896)

Release date: Mar-31st-2005
License: Freeware

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Cheishire | July 09, 2010 at 8:45:24 AM

This is fantastic. The detail and texture are quality. Thank you.

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